Masturbation surely affects the body and overall health very badly. It causes several health conditions like mental stress, mental tension, cheekbones become dry and come out, eyes goes inside and encircled by dark spots etc. masturbation causes several sexual health problems like , shortness of penis(penis shrinkage),penis weakness/thinness, looseness, deformed penis, loss of penis resistance feeling etc. masturbation habit is also primary cause of male sexual health problems like nocturnal emission, Erectile dysfunction(ED) and premature ejaculation (PE). Masturbation is bad for brain, memory and eyes too.

Reading dirty books and porn watching definitely causes dirtiness in psyche. It develops the tendency of doing some hidden sin. Due to this students become habitual of masturbation. Due to masturbation habit nervous system becomes weak and badly affects the semen and causes several health problems like nocturnal emission, PE, ED, bad semen and sperm quantity and quality, loss of appetite etc. The cause of these scary results is the birth of bad thoughts in the psyche. In order to stay clear of these things, it is our main duty to keep distance from vulgar reading and porn watching”.

Though masturbating occasionally or doing it in low frequency doesn't affect our body or health much and it does not cause any sexual health problems. But excess in masturbation, or doing it too much surely puts negative effects in overall health and sexual health. Masturbation habit usually starts in a very amateur and inexperienced stage of teen hence there are more chances of its excess. That's why except the modern medical science all ancient medical methods and religions are against the habit of masturbation.