Until 1998, when Viagra was discovered Western sexologists believed that sex was all mind game. Noted psychologist Freud said, 'All you need for sex is just a naughty thought'. But as researches in the field of sex progressed, they began to realize and recognize that every sexual problem has two aspects i.e. organic and psychogenic.

Organic means that sexual problem has occurred due to some trouble in the urinogenital system of body or in arteries of sex organs.

Psychogenic means that the root cause is only due to thinking in a wrong way about sex and sexual response. But on the above, Ayurveda, the centuries old medicinal science, has already diagnosed and categorized these sexual problems in its books and also given proper drugs which if used in right combination can eradicate the sexual problem from its root.

So, Dr P. K. Jain who is an Ayurvedic sexologist and has been in practice since last 35 years has explored this field extensively and has prepared such novel treatments which are totally safe and help the patients to cure their problem effectively and permanently.