Weakness in penis is not an uncommon consequence of over masturbation but it is frightening for the one experiencing it. However, since over masturbation or excessive hand practice has so many unpleasant side effects, weakness in penis is not even the scariest if you compare it with erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation. Excessive hand practice needs to be stopped as early as possible in order to minimize the damage that it does to the body and the penile area.

Weakness in penis due to over masturbation is happening because whenever you ejaculate you use certain muscles and certain nerves. Using them over and over again without leaving them time to recover will only damage them and make them incapable of serving their purpose. This way, you will end up lacking power and having difficulties in controlling your body. Weakness in male organ due to excessive hand practice is going to be soon followed by leaking semen while you sleep or during urination. It is basically a vicious circle because the more semen you leak the weakened you are going to feel.

Treatment for weakness in penis due to over masturbation is simple and based on natural ingredients. Even thought the market is full of creams and solutions that promise to make you strong and powerful again, it is not wise to choose a product containing other than natural ingredients. Herbal remedies have no side effects and they only serve the purpose they were created for, without interfering with other body functions or organs.

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