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Dr P K Jain Clinic Pvt Ltd has been awarded "BEST SEX CLINIC OF THE MILLENIUM" FOR OUTSTANDING ACHIEVMENTS IN TREATMNET OF SEXUAL RPOBLEMS". A tribute to our excellence over the decades.

Sex is considered taboo in our orthodox society, which prudishly discourages questions about this intimate and integral part of our lives. Hence, one's natural curiosity remains largely unsatisfied and the existing myths, misconceptions & ignorance continue to be perpetuated & passed on from generation to generation, like an inherited social disease. Out of these misconceptions, people silently suffer from sexual disorders. Especially modern medicine does not have a complete cure for sexual ailments. And it is a universal truth that ayurveda herbalism with its long years of existence & enlargement has potential cures & remedies to cure incurable sexual diseases. Sexual medicine rightfully deserves its long over due respect and recognition as an independent science.

For patients it is most advisable to visit Dr Jain personally so they can have their complete full body check up and investigations so that the root cause of the problems can be found and then the medicines will be prepared accordingly so as to give complete and permanent cure to the patient.

For appointment please call between 12am to 6pm on-

+91-941502773, 9415402646

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Treatment cost ranges from (15 days) Rs. 15500/- ($ 185) to (30 days) Rs. 25500/- ($ 475) & can cost upto Rs. 45500/- and above for special treatments. Best doctors! Besr treatments! Best results! Call for appointment between 10am and 8pm

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